Mindfulness & you: Tips for daily practice


It has been suggested that mindfulness may improve your emotional well being and reduce stress. It may also improve our decision making and therefore increase the potential for improved mental and physical wellness. But what is Mindfulness? Most of us have the ability to be mindful, that is to cultivate the ability to pay attention to the present moment but what is mindfulness? This handout provides tips and suggestions on how to start engaging in mindfulness. This item is password protected as it is only intended to be used by clients, allied health professionals and referrers of Wellness Psychology Clinic Australia. 

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img_productWellness has been often thought about as a combination of several aspects of one’s life including one’s health relating to; physical, emotional, social (but not limited to) these. WPCAU has created a resources page to work collaboratively with their clients and their families. The resources page has been created so that families and carers can have access resources to assist in the care of their family member.

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