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Wellness Psychology Clinic Australia (WPCAU terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions (Terms) apply to your use of this website and our goods and services at Wellness Psychology Clinic Australia, which we will refer to here as WCPAU and should be read in conjunction with our Privacy Policy and with any other forms presented to you during your online registration and email communication. Please be advised that some of the items offered on this website are subject to additional terms and conditions.

Please take the time to read these Terms carefully. You accept that you have read, understood, and expect to be bound you and or your representative by these terms by accessing this website.

Accessing Wellness Psychology Clinic Australia (WPCAU) Site

The WPCAU makes an effort to keep all facets of this website up and running at all times. The WPCAU, however, would not be responsible if this website or some part of it is inaccessible at any time or for any date due to any cause. In the event of a server outage, maintenance, or restoration, or for purposes outside our control, access to this website can be temporarily and without warning suspended. The WPCAU reserves the right to delete, change, or cancel your access to this website and your opportunity to engage in any or portions of it at any time, without warning or liability. Any limits on the WPCAU’s liabilities will remain in effect even though the WPCAU is terminated. We disclaim any and all liability for any mechanical failure, mistake, omission, disruption, deletion, or pause of service.

The WPCAU reserves the right to delete, change, or cancel your access to this website and your opportunity to engage in any or portions of it at any time, without warning or liability. Any restrictions on the Society’s liabilities will remain in effect even though the WPCAU is terminated. We accept no responsibility for any error, deletion or interruption, injury or damage or unauthorized access to this website of anything to do with this website or WPCAU limited including the downloading or submitting of any communication or material or other.

Site use at the Wellness Psychology Clinic Australia (WPCAU)

This website can only be used for lawful purposes. You agree to not upload any corrupt files which may cause direct or indirect damage to WPCAU limited its customers or any associated party.

You also understand that you solely make the decision to decide if the services and features in this website are suitable for you and your needs including privacy, your association requirements and other ethical or other professional requirements and will not hold WPCAU liable for any issues or breaches you may face. You understand the information provided are examples which are not a comprehensive list of features that these items should have and therefore you should make the final judgment if the items on this website are suitable for your needs.


Wellness Psychology Clinic Australia (WPCAU) Disclaimer

Although WPCAU take steps to ensure the authenticity of all material on or accessible via this website, the WPCAU takes no legal responsibility for and makes no warranty that the information found on this website is correct or full, or free from errors functionality will be uninterrupted.

You expressly understand and accept that you use this website and the resources available on it at your own risk. The material on and accessible via the website is updated on a regular basis and may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors or other types of errors.

This website’s material is offered solely for instructional and informational purposes, and does not substitute the need for professional advice tailored to your specific circumstances. You understand and recognize that no material or advice given on or accessible through this website provides medical, legal, financial, or other controlled industry advice, or offers any warranty of any sort, and that you should seek specific advice relevant to your situation from a qualified specialist.

Wellness Psychology Clinic Australia (WPCAU) Limitation of liability


This website is provided by the WPCAU with no warrant or guarantee. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the WPCAU disclaims all liability and accountability for any loss or harm of any kind arising from or in relation with your access to or use of this website, or dependence on the website, whether or not any loss or injury would occur in or out of the ordinary course of business.

If the WPCAU is found responsible for violation of any implied warranty or provision that cannot be omitted, the WPCAU responsibility is limited to $200 Australian dollars and no additional monies or compensation or communication. By using WPCAU website you agree to these terms and that they are fair.


Linking to Wellness Psychology Clinic Australia (WPCAU)

You may link to this website as long as you do so in a manner that does not damage WPCAU reputation, you may not link to the website with intention to provide unfavorable or defamatory communication or imply some kind of affiliation or support by WPCAU. You must not alter or reformat or paraphrase any content on this website without proper approval from the clinic manager, where a license agreement may take place. We reserve the right to revoke linking consent at any time and without prior warning.


Links from Wellness Psychology Clinic Australia (WPCAU)


The WPCAU is not liable for, and makes no claims on, the state and material of third-party platforms or websites, or the goods or services sold there. A link does not imply that the WPCAU supports the third-party platform or website or the goods or services sold there, either explicitly or implicitly. You are solely responsible for the use of a third-party platform and its products or services at your own risk.

Intellectual rights of Wellness Psychology Clinic Australia (WPCAU)


WPCAU trademark, and wordmark including logo or copy or other on this website are the property of Wellness Psychology Clinic Australia and they are also the copyright owner and all intellectual property. You may not use these items without prior consent from the clinic manager at WPCAU. The use of this intellectual property without permission may be an infringement of our intellectual property rights and we serve the right to seek compensation for these infringements.

Images using by Wellness Psychology Clinic Australia (WPCAU)

You understand and agree that the images/photos/illustrations/videos or animations used in this website do not represent the health professional working at WPCAU. These items have been done to ensure the privacy of personnel working at WPCAU is maintained. Photos of actual personnel working at WPCAU may be found during booking, but WPCAU makes not warranties or guarantees that they may looks like their photo as personnel may choose to select a photo of themselves which may be several years old. You agree to not seek compensation or claim liability for false advertising or advertising which may mislead, as the purpose has been to furnish the website and at the same time conserve the privacy of the personnel working at WPCAU.

Feedback for Wellness Psychology Clinic Australia (WPCAU)


You agree that prior to consulting any society or association regarding feedback for WPCAU that you must consult and engage in communication with the clinic manager of WPCAU prior to communicating with any society, association or other body or person regarding feedback of any service or good provided by WPCAU. You understand that you may be liable for any cost or compensation incurred to WPCAU if this process is not followed including legal fees.


General terms Wellness Psychology Clinic Australia (WPCAU)

This agreement between you and WPCAU is governed by the laws of NSW, Sydney Australia and you agree to and consent to venue of courts in NSW in any and all grievances or other arising from communication or use of website or WPCAU services or goods. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions outlined by WPCAU is its your sole responsibility to stop using the service and website and incur and manage any losses, you may incur because of this without holding WPCAU liable for any type of loss.

If any clause of the Terms is found to be invalid, or other it will be superseded by a legitimate, enforceable provision that resembles the original provision’s meaning without affecting the relevance and enforceability of the remaining clauses. WPCAU’s delay or inaction to uphold provisions under these Terms does not constitute a concession unless a new terms and agreement is outlined and signed between you and WPCAU.



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