What is a Psychologist?

A psychologist is a person that has trained in the assessment and therapy of mental health disorders. In Australia, a psychologist requires a minimum of six years of university study in psychology.

In addition to this, they must also complete psychological based placements to increase their knowledge of psychology. Psychologists are trained in different evidence-based therapies.

The title “psychologist” is a regulated title and profession in Australia. This means that only people that have completed the minimum six years of study and have had their education and training endorsed can call themselves a psychologist.

Most psychologists provide assessment and therapy to people with mental illness. However, psychologists also work with people without mental illness. They may help an organization facilitate or cope better with change, help injured workers return to work, they may conduct research on a psychology related topic and they may administer psychological tests to individual and groups.

A psychologist may help with issues that may be concerning a person and they work collaboratively to work towards their clients goals.

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Getting Help.

Everyone needs support sometimes, so reach out for help if needed. Talking to someone such as a psychologist may assist you better navigate the concerns you may be experiencing. We welcome you to book an appointment with Wellness Psychology Clinic Australia, for more information please go to our Book Appointment page.