What is Anxiety?

When one experiences a stressful or anxiety provoking situation or a similar event, it is natural to experience short-lived anxiety or worry. However, sometimes an anxiety disorder may develop, which may present itself, where an individual experiences anxiety that is persistent and severe. This can often lead to interruptions in their daily life, and may also affect their work, social life and relationships.

The symptoms of an anxiety disorder may vary but may include (but not limited to), feeling anxious, excessive worry, panic attacks and fear. There can be many causes for anxiety and treatments vary depending on your needs and requirements for which your psychologist can discuss with you.

To better manage the symptoms of anxiety, it is important to speak to a health professional. Psychologists are trained to provide therapy people to assist them better manage their symptoms related to anxiety.

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Getting Help.

Everyone needs support sometimes, so reach out for help if needed. Talking to someone such as a psychologist may assist you better navigate the concerns you may be experiencing. We welcome you to book an appointment with Wellness Psychology Clinic Australia, for more information please go to our Book Appointment page.